Services under construction

  • Dyna Pro Tuning
    Regardless of the age of your motorcycle, dyno tuning is the best and safest way to ensure your bike is running at it’s optimum. Analysis of the exhaust or intake system, fuelling and fuel delivery is computer controlled giving accurate diagnostic results and fault finding readings. The gas analysis will provide you with a bill of health report on your motorcycle, highlighting issues and enabling accurate and efficient re-tuning.

  • Vapour Blasting
    Vapour blasting is the best surface finishing process available to achieve that factory finish to your aluminium or non ferrous motorcycle parts.  The process performed utilises our state of the art aqua vapour blasting cabinet, mixing micro-fine glass media with water and compressed air to gently clean away all the years of grime, dirt and oxidization from motorcycle component surfaces without any damaging to the metal.  A smooth satin sheen finish is the result.
  • Servicing
    Comprehensive servicing of your motorcycle is offered, including diagnostic reports.
  • Sales
    We have a list of classic motorcycles in stock for immediate delivery. Please see our up to date stock list, or get in touch for further information.

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